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Tyco, as industry leader in fire protection system, offers their product expertise to customers in more than 190 countries worldwide. Tyco Fire Protection Products provide fire valves (deluge valve, alarm valve, gate valve), sprinkler, and also nitrogen generator for dry pipe fire protection system under their product range.

Standard Approvals : UL, FM

DV-5A Deluge Valve

The DV-5A deluge valve can control water flow into deluge system, pre-action system, and other special types of fire protection system with response to a fire signal.

  • Simple maintenance and operation
  • External reset to save time and effort
  • Higher pressure rating
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Compact trim package
  • Integrated alarm port

TJ Series Gate Valve

  • One of the lightest, most durable gate valves on the market
  • Available in FxF, FxG, and GxG connections
  • Corrossion resistant
  • Encapsulated EPDM ductile iron wedge

BFV-300 Butterfly Valve

  • Easy & fast connections to deluge valve
  • Compact design
  • Supervisory open version option for alarm valve
  • Supervisory closed version option for by-pass system

Sprinkler Heads

Tyco provides a wide range sprinkler heads, from standard response to quick response sprinklers; including special sprinklers for warehouse and cold storage protection.

Available options :

  • Standard response sprinklers
  • Quick response sprinklers
  • ESFR sprinklers
  • Extended coverage sprinklers
  • Dry sprinklers