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When deciding on a fire and life safety solution for your facility, prioritize the reputation it carries.

Building owners worldwide rely on the Simplex family of fire alarm systems to safeguard their facilities, regardless of size or complexity, due to its exceptional reliability, user-friendly interface, and cutting-edge features.

Standard Approvals : UL, ULC, FM, CSFM

Control Units

The complete range of Simplex control units are adaptable and scalable and offer real and significant advantages to you and to the building occupants in the event of fire or other emergency :

  • Capacity up to 3000 Address, and 12.000 Address as Network Display Unit (NDU)
  • Flexible Data Loop combine both addressable module & addressable detector
  • Local file storage of site specific software and system related documents
  • Backward & forward compatibility

Initiating Devices

The Simplex initiating devices offer revolutionary addressability; the complete product range are accurate and responsive.

  • Adjustable sensitivity level
  • Peak value of dirt logging
  • Multi sensors Combination Smoke & Heat, CO, Sounder Bases.
  • Easily interchange heads without reprogramming

Notification Appliances

The Simplex notification appliances offer intelligent and efficient solutions.

  • Self-testing capability: manually, scheduled, specifically
  • Application versatility (NFPA 72 compliant)
  • LED technology; greater energy efficiency and compact visually pleasing design
  • Remote Candela intensity settings