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LPG Fire Suppression System promises full range solutions for automatic suppression systems, from inert agents (IG541, IG100, IG55), Novec-1230, FM-200, and also CO2. LPG Fire Suppression System is suitable for computer suites, data centers, offshore oil and gas exploration and production facilities

Standard Approvals : UL, FM, VdS

Inert Gas – IG541

  • Naturally occurring gas
  • No global warming potential
  • Safe for environment
  • No ozone depletion potential
  • Safe for people
  • No damage to property

Using innovative technology, the LPG inert gas IG-541 is using iFLOW valve; state-of- the-art delivery system that provides a regulated discharge of inert gas clean agent.

Available options: 80L 200bar/300bar container, 140L 200bar/300bar container

LPG Sapphire 25/42 Bar

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fast acting
  • Compact storage
  • Safe for people
  • Easy to refill

LPG Sapphire offers Novec1230 and FM200 fire protection clean agent. The 25 Bar system is suitable for majority of hazards, while the 42 Bar system offers additional flexibility in the design of systems, protecting larger and/or more complex hazards.

Available options: 4.5L to 343L container assembly


  • Fast & effective fire protection
  • Versatile & economical

CO2 is the only gaseous agent where the design rules specifically provide guidance on the protection of deep seated hazards.
Total flooding or local application systems can be designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 12 using our hydraulic calculation software. The system is VdS approved and is recommended for protection of areas with no standby personnel.

Available options : 67L 45kg/50kg container, 40.2L 27kg/30kg container.