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The Aquamist product range includes globally approved Water Mist solutions which offers a broad range of system to help you find the most suitable fire suppression for a wied variety of fire risks.

AquaMist Systems at Work

AquaMist Systems at Work

  • Evaporation (heat extraction) is a function of surface area of droplets
  • Reducing droplet size increases surface area
  • Increase in surface area allows for larger cool effect for a given flow
  • Water converts to Vapor expanding by a factor of 1650x
  • Oxygen is displaced and diluted, blocking it from the fuel source
  • Higher heat level causes a faster vaporarization
  • Fire extinguishment is improved with direct contact of water droplets
  • Important part of operation if ventilation is a factor and Class A combustibles are present
  • Small water droplets tend to remain suspended
  • The expanding mist will expand and cool the gases and other fuels in the area
  • Blocks the transfer of radiant heat to the adjacent combustibles and pre-wets them

Low/ Intermediate Pressure Solution

The AquaMist Ultra Low Flow (UFL) system operates at working pressures of 7 to 16 bar

High Pressure Solution

The system operated at working pressures of 50 to 200 bar to produce droplets of small diameters at high speed.

Hybrid Solution

The system operates at less than 9.4 bar to produce the smallest droplet sizes of any water mist system.